Micro-Computed tomography uses x-rays to create cross-sections of a 3D-object that later can be used to recreate a virtual model of the scanned samples. The term micro is used to indicate that the pixel sizes of the cross-sections are in the micrometer range and is nowadays the gold standard for Desktop 3D morphometric analysis.

The μCT 100

The Scanco Medical μCT 100 achieves the highest resolution (3.3 µm) with 10 mm object size. In addition to the high resolution capabilities, it also offers a larger specimen size (100 mm in diameter and 140 mm in length). Even at this size, the resolution is around 30 µm.

μCT 100 @ Scanco Medical


Image from www.scanco.ch
Type Value
Type No specimen preparation required
completely shielded
X-Ray 45-90 kVp
Detector 3072 x 400 elements, 48 µm pitch
Resolution ‹ 4 µm 10% MTF, 1.25 – 200 µm nominal isotropic (pixel size)
Specimen Size Diameter 9 to 100 mm
max. Scan Length 140 mm

Example Scans

Metal Foam
Metal foam
Rabbit Femur
Cut of rabbit femur
Glass knit fabric
Glass knit fabric