The MTS 858 MiniBionix is a hydraulic axial and torsional testing system that is able to run static and dynamic tests on biomaterials up to 15 kN and 150 Nm. Fatigue cycles are possible at frequencies up to 30 Hz.

The system includes a load unit with a cross-head-mounted actuator, a hydraulic power unit and a test controller with the channels of control (force and displacement both in axial and torsional direction and extension under axial loads).

Flat and cylindrical samples can be gripped and aligned with the mounted hydraulic grips. Tests can be performed under controlled humidity and temperature conditions by means of an environmental chamber. Measurements of axial strain can be improved using both standard and waterproof extensometers.

Spec. Value
Static force capacity 15kN
Stroke length 100mm
Static torque capacity 100Nm
Torsional displacement 270°
Test space width 460mm
Test space height max. 789mm

Example setups

Bone biopsy setup

Human femur head setup

Retracted Climate Chamber
Installed Climate Chamber